Photograph of, by and belonging to the author, Sadie Seroxcat.

I’m an artsy ‘bohemian’ type, in my fifties, living in the rural north of England, with my partner, our teenager and a collection of animals.

I mainly write personal essays and poetry — occasionally a book review or opinion piece. Often a combination of those.

Mental health is something very…

The glory of sunrise (through a terribly condensation covered window), before the snow set in. Photo taken by the author, Sadie Seroxcat

Sudden flash of winter, intruding cruelly upon the last balmy days of autumn, frost lingering on fallen golden amber leaves to indicate a crisper night just passed and harder ones soon to come. They crunched as she selected a spot and settled on the edge of the wood to watch…

image via Bitmoji

I mean, to the point of completely fangirling/swooning/getting all hot and bothered….

This is a recent thing. Having never watched any of the X-factor/Idol/Voice shows, I was aware of One Direction hysteria but that was the limit of my knowledge on the matter. …

‘Cat&Book’ *(full version of photo used as my profile picture)— taken by the author, Sadie Seroxcat

I’m so happy to have wandered into a five question prompt from Will Hull (for which I was also tagged by Squeeze the Avocado), given that said questions concern something which is right up there on my list of favourite things — everything to do with books, including writing about…

Yesterday I played goddess.

‘Chloe the Grumpy Granny cat’ — taken by the author, Sadie Seroxcat

When they come to live with me they are

Always in need of love,

I was her moon, I was her stars,

I was her shining sun.

I gave her food, I gave her warmth,

My arms her place to safely sleep,

Yet in the end,

Photo by Cole Keister on Unsplash

I’ve always been rather particular about poetry, it has to be pretty special for me to make a blanket declaration of liking a certain poet’s work.

Take, for example, The Romantics. Classic English poets, given to loitering around the Lakes (who could blame them), drug inspired ‘fever dream’ style poetry…

Sadie Seroxcat

Reader, writer, thinker. Used to be dancer. Personal essays & poetry. Chronic illness, fatigue&pain. Mental health issues.

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